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Our program is specifically designed to meet the criteria for schools, focusing on inclusive and adaptive physical education. Inspired by our experience within Paralympic sports, ensures that disabled students are included and actively engaged in physical education.

Through integrating an adapted physical education program, schools can become pioneers within inclusive education, attracting and encompassing a wider community and setting a standard for excellence within inclusive education.

By partnering with Move Mojo, schools can enhance their resources and transform their approach to education, creating a more inclusive environment. Our program enhances students’ overall well-being and contributes positively to OFSTED rankings.

Adaptive Physical Education Programs | Move Mojo UK
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Move Mojo delivers a new offering for community groups, creating an inclusive and engaging physical activity program designed specifically to meet the needs of those with disabilities.

Our program not only empowers the lives of those with disabilities but also aligns with the values of local community groups, creating a new caring, empowering, and proactive approach to health, ensuring that users receive the best possible support for their physical health and well-being.

By partnering with Move Mojo, groups can enhance the depth of their service, leading to an even more inclusive and empowering experience while increasing their reach to a wider audience.

Physical Activity Programs for People with Learning Disabilities
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Move Mojo is designed to revolutionise how local authorities approach public health and well-being for individuals with disabilities.

Our program is designed for public health criteria with the promise of a significant impact on community health. The strategic partnership of inclusive health and well-being can yield long-term benefits and reduce overall costs long-term for authorities.

Through partnering with Move Mojo’s adapted exercise program that is specialised for people with disabilities, local authorities can significantly enhance the health and well-being of their service users, leading to a more active, inclusive, and healthier community.

Adapted PE Programs for Learning Disabilities
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Improving health through game-based exercises.

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The game-based exercises improve cardiovascular health, which can lead to a healthier life, increased energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, and reduced risk of chronic health conditions.


The program uses game-based exercises with various movements and progressions to improve movement skills and coordination. This can reduce the risk of falls and trips and increase independence.


The sessions are designed to increase strength through gamified exercises to make everyday tasks easier. An increase in strength can lead to greater independence, a higher fulfillment of life, reduced risk of chronic health conditions, and a lower likelihood of falls and trips.


The program creates a safe environment with a focus on teamwork, movement, and fun, which can improve focus, attention, communication, and social skills. The gamified approach can also boost mood, reduce depression symptoms, and lower stress. 

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