Our mission is to instill fun and encourage movement in individuals with disabilities so they feel empowered to live a healthier lifestyle.


My journey has always been fueled by a burning desire to make a meaningful impact and improve lives through the power of movement. For over eight years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping individuals achieve their dreams within Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. Now, I’m on a mission to redefine the perception of disability through the power of movement.

I believe the opportunity to move should be a human right. My vision is to create a world that moves more, so I founded Move Mojo. We are an inclusive physical activity program that creates accessibility and enjoyment for everyone, regardless of their ability.

Robert Francis

Founder of Move Mojo

About Move Mojo UK | Fun Exercise Programs for Disabled People
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Helping individuals to feel empowered through movement.


Turning movement into medicine to help people live healthier.


Turning exercise into a game and making it fun for everyone.


Removing the barriers from movement and exercise through play.


The Move Mojo Physical Activity For Life Pathway


Participants are engaged with Move Mojo through accessible sessions delivered in the community, such as within schools, community groups and sports clubs.


Individuals increase their health and well-being by participating in adapted, gamified physical activity sessions that improve fundamental movements for life through multi-sport actions and games.


Participants will have learned fundamental movements. They will have experienced and achieved various new life skills, so they are more likely to partake in a sport or regular physical activity.

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Learn Why Move Mojo Is A Preferred Choice

Inclusive Exercise Sessions

We deliver sessions within schools, community groups and sports clubs. Our aim is to provide fun and engaging sessions that promote inclusivity by involving all members in integrated activities. Additionally, we strive to reach a wider audience by implementing exercise programs designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. Move Mojo sessions fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment, through a community that enables participants to achieve their personal best in a safe and welcoming space.

Move Mojo’s innovative use of Paralympic methodologies makes physical activity and sport both accessible and enjoyable for people with disabilities, we create adaptive sports and physical activities that are inclusive and fun. We collaborate with governing bodies, local authorities, and schools to develop physical activity and sports programs aimed at increasing participation, inclusion, and development.

Move Mojo eliminates barriers to physical activity that many providers experience, we deliver education and resources to make accessible exercise programs, enabling individuals with disabilities to engage in activities effortlessly. We deliver education programs and ongoing training to equip coaches, teachers, and providers with the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate adaptive physical education and sports programs. We train coaches, teachers, and care providers in effectively implementing these specialized programs to provide inclusive, gamified physical activity sessions to a wider audience. Our team at Move Mojo provides ongoing support through resources and workshops.


Let’s turn movement into a movement!

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